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HERITAGE GRAIN GIFT BASKET - Against the Grain Farms

HERITAGE GRAIN GIFT BASKET - Against the Grain Farms

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Heritage Red Cornmeal 600gr
Heritage Grain Cake Mix 600gr
Whole Grain Barley Berries 600gr
Ancient Grain Medley 600gr
Heritage White Corn and Hemp Tortilla Chips 250gr
Heritage Flower Seed Packet 1pkg


Against the Grain Farms

“Whole Grains, Ancient Varieties, Locally Adapted”

Against the Grain Farms is the brainchild of Shelley Spruit, a chef and baker by trade and a fouth-generation Ontario grain farmer at heart. The farm launched in 2014 with the goal of selecting and trialling ancient cultivars of wheat and other heritage grains from around the world that could best adapt to our local climate.

Reflecting her professional philosophy, her careful selection brings the story of the ancient grains to the forefront while embracing the spirit of agricultural diversity. It is a retort to the dwindling diversity of seed stocks and our increasing global dependence on a few leading crops. Heritage grains offer a sustainable and wholesome food choice, while bridging the cultural and culinary gap between what we eat and what we grow.

Grown in Winchester, Ontario

All ATG products are non-GMO